simple diet to get rid of belly fat

Diet & Exercise is the only way ahead. Construction and/ or toning muscles would be the simplest method for fat loss. That really is coz muscles need additional calories due to their maintenance compared to fat.The best suggestion for you would be to START and be routine also.
Diet: Boost water consumption. This eradicates most of poisonous wastes out of the body and helps keep u slim (just tap water NOT refrigerated water). Do not pause while ingesting nor should air input in through your mouth or nose. Raise the amount of eyeglasses by 1 per 2 months. Maximum is 12 eyeglasses (Do not exceed this) If u have low BP or higher BP, then perform Vajrasana (look up the net ).
 Here is the only exercise which may be achieved after meals. It normalizes blood pressure. After ur BP gets ordinary, drink water as previously. Protein can also be crucial to construct & keep muscles. So have a protein-rich diet. Eat all fruits. Iron is critical for the blood. All veggies, especially leafy greens, feature it. Kishmish (raisins) is a great source of iron. ) Eat 1 egg each day, i.e. if it’s OK with you. All nuts (almonds, groundnuts, peanuts) are great. Traditionally Badam (almonds) is deemed exceptional but clinically speaking they are not. 
So don’t hesitate to eat roast groundnuts at any moment. Chutney using Dhania Patta (coriander leaf) is quite great. It’s full of vitamins C, A, E, Vitamin K, zinc, thiamin, etc. Spread it on bread + fruit juice nuts/raisins also it makes a fast snack. Avoid coffee, tea, and alcohol.
Drink milk and consume milk products. Even curry created with Dahi (curd) is great.
All deep-fried things are best avoided. Sprouted lentils are extremely nutritious. When creating parathas or roti don’t use ghee or even Dalda.
Drink a Lot of water.
Drink water before eat or 10 minutes after consuming. Don’t drink while eating. This manner, u can reduce the amount u consume. The gut will indicate when it’s full. Always eat nutrient-rich food. Say no more to bakery or alternative crap food and fried things.
Front Planks

Provided that u can but recall to pay appropriate attention to sort. Quit doing as soon as the body begins to shake. Hips shouldn’t sag, shoulders & neck shouldn’t droop. Arms should be put broad in order that shoulders are horizontal. This will provide u toned body slim belly and a solid heart. Pay appropriate attention to sort. Quit doing as soon as the body begins to shake.
Reverse Planks

great for your lower body. Pay appropriate attention to sort. Quit doing as soon as the body begins to shake.

Hanging complete leg raises

As per individual ability. Be careful not to harm your wrists esp. Since the wrists of women tend to be poorer than boys. If too difficult, initially just hang out of the pub ( by both hands, don’t lift your legs. Lift your legs when u might hang with no annoyance for 60 secs). This can give u solid abs, six-pack appearance & versatility.

Watch that body doesn’t swing. Growing by 1 per week, advancement to 30 repetitions & 3 sets
Hindu Pushups – launch from 5 and grow by 1 per week, advancement to 30 repetitions & 3 sets 
1. Sarvangasana -: quite important asana. Eliminates ALL disorders of all ailments of the bladder. Improves posture. Makes the face glowing and body glowing. Strengthens thyroid gland that is responsible for metabolism and adrenal gland. Diseases of ft are treated. Beneficial in treating diabetes. Increases hunger. The spinal cord is reinforced. Back muscles grow & become more elastic. Improves posture. 
2. Bhujangasana
Strengthens gut & uterus, ALL ailments associated with menstruation is treated, stimulates blood flow in the uterus.
3. Paschimottanasana – quite important asana. Prevents ossification of their backbone, Makes body glowing and much more handsome. Improves flexibility. Improves height. 
4. Chakrasana – Makes backbone more powerful, increases the potency of muscles. Your system becomes more elastic. Helps in height growth. Hands become very powerful. Slimming down and increasing endurance. Alleviates menstrual ailments. Wrists become more powerful. Muscles of the full body are more toned. Aids in height growth.
Do all exercises daily. Bear in mind, a fat decreasing diet plays an integral role. I can guarantee u by obeying these frequently u will have a slender, wiry, disease resistant and toned physique, using a fantastic posture & decent height. But, beware fat or round the abdomen is extremely stubborn & it requires a very long time to go. They are not known as love handles for whatever. These exercises should help to shed weight. Thus u may not see much difference initially.

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