Muscle gain diet: exclusive guide on muscle gain in 2020.

The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides a champion from someone who is not a champion”. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Starting with this quote of the seven times Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger, this article is all about the muscle gain diet that is very important in the world of gym and fitness. 

muscle gain diet

In recent times, the fitness craze has increased drastically. Now every second person is a gym-going person and is very conscious about fitness. 

For that, building up a nice body, a good diet, as well as physical exercise both, are important. 

You can also say that these are complementary to each other. 

So it becomes very important to ponder over on both these points to build up powerful and attractive muscles. 

Why muscle gain diet is essential?

When you go to the gym, apart from physical exercise like weight lifting and all, the next important thing you talk about is the diet that you have to take. 

In general also, diet plays an important role in one’s life. Whether you have to lose weight or gain it or achieve any other health goal. Diet is necessary for all of them. 

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A good diet provides you with all the nutrients that will help you in completing your fitness goal. 

A good diet covers all the aspects, like what to eat, when to eat, and most specifically, how much to eat. 

It covers all these points and which in turn will help you in chasing your fitness goals. 

In the same manner, to gain muscle diet plays an important role.

 While the physical exercise breaks the muscles’ molecules, your diet will replenish those molecules and build up your muscles. 

You can understand by a simple example that when you lift heavy weight in the gym, your muscle breaks down and loses some molecules that get broken. 

But when you take the right diet, it repairs those muscles, making them more strong and adaptive to such conditions. 

And thus, ultimately, you gain muscle. 

What amount of calories you should take to gain muscle?

As we have discussed, apart from taking a good diet, it is equally important to take the diet in the prescribed amount. 

All the things that we eat have some nutrients, calories, and many other components that our body needs in general.

 But when we want to achieve some specific fitness goal, then it becomes essential to take a sufficient amount of the particular nutrients that will help us to meet those peculiar fitness standards. 

To gain muscle, you have to lower the amount of calorie intake and increase the amount of lean protein. 

Lean protein is the primary nutrient responsible for muscle gain, so you have to focus on lean protein for gaining muscle. 

For gaining muscle quickly, you need to take at least 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight or 2.2 grams of protein per kg. 

This is the ideal ratio that most of the scientists use and diet planners prescribe to their customers. 

What are the physical exercises that help in muscle gain? 

In the journey of gaining muscle, the foremost step is the physical exercise that you have to do.

 These physical activities will break the tissues of the muscle, and then the diet you take will repair them. 

That is how you gain muscle. 

So first, we have to start with physical training for muscle gain. 

There are main three factors on which the speed of muscle gain depends,

  • The consistency of exercise means, how consistent you are in training. The more you are consistent the more rapidly you gain muscle.
  • The level of challenge that the exercise will throw to you.
  •  The more exercise is challenging for your muscle, the more your muscle breaks and the more quickly they gain muscle weight. 
  • Its endurance time. This means how long you can endure. 

Also, your age, gender, and genetics are the other factors that will determine the speed of muscle gain. 

The important physical exercises that will help in muscle gain are, 

  • Strength training. Although it takes almost several weeks and months to gain muscle, you can speed up the process if you are doing the right type of physical training. This training or physical exercise will break your muscles and complement it with an appropriate diet; it will build up your muscles. The strength training includes lifting heavy weights, using stationary weight machines, doing resistance band activities, performing bodyweight exercises like squats or push-ups, etc. 
  • Cardio. Cardiovascular exercise is commonly known as cardio or aerobic activity. These are the high intensity workouts that will sweat you out completely. These are physical activities that involve our heart and increase their heartbeat rate. These exercises are beneficial for the heartbeat and respiratory system. Not only this, but it also supports the muscles and speeds up the process of muscle gain. 
  • Apart from this, it also prevents your body from the injuries and the damages that are caused during the training. Some main cardiovascular exercises are burpees, rope jumping, jumping jacks, squat jumps, kickboxing, and so many that we can count on this list. 
  • For the muscles of legs, you can do squats, deadlifts and lunges that will improve the strength of your legs. 
  • Bench press, overhead press, and dips are the main exercises that will help you gain muscle. 
  • Some of the main core exercises are crunches, reverse crunches, planks, etc., will help to develop the core area. 

These are some main physical exercises that you can choose for building your muscles and gaining muscle weight. 

But these exercises can be useful only when you perform them in the supervision of the experts. 

As these are of high intensity so you need professional gym trainers who will guide you, or else you will hurt yourself without the supervision.

Let me tell you my own experience. One of my friends was almost hospitalized because he started doing workouts on his own without consulting any professional gym trainer. So make sure that you won’t face such situations. 

Before starting anything related to gym and fitness, you have to consult a fitness trainer or the gym trainer who can give you the best advice according to you. 

The muscle gain diet: list of superfoods to gain muscle. 

We have talked about the intake of the amount of nutrients that you need to gain muscle and the exercises that you have to do to gain muscle. 

But all these can’t work alone, you also have to follow a good diet plan that will repair your muscle tissues and will make them strong. 

A good diet will complement your physical activities. 

The muscle gain diet not only replenishes the muscle tissues but also gives them the strength to perform such activities. 

So let’s see what the superfoods that you can take in your muscle gain diet are. 

  • Salmon fish. Salmon fish is the best choice for non-vegetarians to gain muscle. It has protein,omega-3 fatty acids and many other vital B vitamins. While omega – 3 fatty acids will give your muscles the strength for the training, it also helps in the muscle gain and overall development of the muscle. And all other nutrients are necessary for the overall growth of the body. 
  • Eggs. Eggs are the main component of the muscle gain diet. It is ideal for the gymers. It has high-quality protein that is important for the muscles. And if we talk specifically, it has leucine amino acid that promotes muscle gain, B vitamins is important for the production of energy. 
  • Soybeans. Soybeans are the ideal food for the vegetarian gymers that can’t take a non-vegetarian diet. This superfood offers you so many nutrients like protein, healthy unsaturated fats, many vitamins and minerals, vitamin K, iron and phosphorus. All these nutrients will help maintain the overall health of the body and provide you with sufficient strength for training. 
  • Chicken Breast. This food is important for muscle training. It has protein, B vitamins like niacin and B6 vitamin. Both these proteins and vitamins are essential for the better performance of the body while exercises and will ultimately help in muscle gain. 
  • Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is different from ordinary yogurt as it contains almost double the protein than it. Nearly all dairy products contain mainly two types of protein, whey protein and casein protein. These two proteins increase the lean mass of the muscle and also make the digestion system more effective and strong. 
  • Beans. There are many types of beans available in the market like kidney beans, black beans, etc. they have many nutrients like protein, fibre, vitamin B, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. So it is perfect for a gymer. And also, it increases lean muscle gain. 
  • Chickpeas. They are also known as garbanzo beans. They offer both the nutrients carbohydrates and protein to their consumers. Although they have a low amount of protein, then also they can be a part of a muscle gain diet. 
  • Peanuts. Peanuts are a good source of nutrients like protein, fats, carbohydrates, and unsaturated healthy fat, at the same time, they are packed with a high quantity of amino acid leucine. 
  • Apart from all these foods items almonds, milk, brown rice, tuna fish, etc. are good sources of protein that you can include in your muscle gain diet.
  •  You can also include these things in your diet to gain muscle weight. 

In this article, we have talked about muscle health and how you can gain muscle mass. 

For gaining muscle mass both, physical exercises and an appropriate diet are equally required. 

While physical activities will break your muscles, a good muscle gain diet will repair your muscles, giving them strength for further training and make them strong. 

So if you want to gain muscle quickly, you have to make this diet an inseparable part of your lifestyle. 

If you follow this diet plan with your training, then only you would be able to gain muscle properly. 

At last, I hope that this article will help you. 

Stay healthy stay fit. 

  1. Is it essential to take supplements with the diet? 

While you are following a proper diet plan for gaining muscle, taking supplements is necessary. 

As the word suggests, these are supplements that complete your diet and give you the required strength and energy to do training. But yes, always keep in mind that you only have to take branded and high-quality supplements. 

Don’t run after the cheap supplements that not only waste your money but even make you sick and ill as they are harmful for your health. 

So make a wise decision while buying supplements. 

  1. How to prepare yourself for the training. 

Generally, for muscle gain, you have to do high-intensity physical training. But before that, you have to make your body prepare for it. Your body can’t perform these heavy exercises all of a sudden. 

So you have to make your body ready for it. 

Warm-Up is a solution to this. Before starting physical activities of high intensity, do some light physical activities. In a warm-up, you can do stretching, breathing exercises, jogging, etc. to make your body and perform the heavy exercise. 

  1. Is there anything else that we can do to gain muscle?

 There are three main things that will help in the muscle gain, 

  • Physical training. 
  • Proper diet, and
  • Rest. 

Yes, you read it right, rest. 

For gaining muscle, apart from doing physical training and following a diet plan, giving your muscles proper rest is also essential. 

When you do high-intensity physical training, your muscles got broke, and to repair it, a proper diet is essential, and to make that diet work, adequate sleep is necessary so that your body and muscles would get sufficient time to repair them. 

By taking proper sleep, you will gain muscle quickly. And also, proper sleep is beneficial in many ways like it reduces your stress, and makes your brain and body work more efficiently. 

So include all these things in your lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals. 

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