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While losing weight, what we generally did is to lose muscles. So what we need to know is how to lose fat and not muscles.

Yes, you might be confused between the two about how they are different. In this article, you would get complete on how to lose fat and not muscles.

In this article, we would see,

  • Why is it important to know how to lose fat and not muscles?
  • Diet to lose fat and not muscles.
  • Exercises to lose fat and not muscles.
  • Bonus tips.
  •  Conclusion. 

Before starting the Guide, let’s take a glimpse at the difference between losing fat and losing muscles. 

So, when we consume extra calories, which are more than enough, they start depositing on our body, for example, on the stomach, hips, face, arms, and legs. 

The main reason for gaining extra fat on the body varies from person to person, but some common causes are unhealthy food habits, unhealthy lifestyle, and not doing physical training properly.

While unhealthy food habits include consumption of fast food or junk food, oily food, sweets, sweetened drinks, etc., an unhealthy lifestyle is a disturbance in the sleeping pattern and food timings. 

And not doing proper physical exercises further contributed to gaining fat.

Also, this collection makes you fat or obese and becomes the main of your unhealthy well being. 

Obesity or extra fat is a reason for many harmful diseases such as type 2 diabetes, an increase in the blood pressure, an increase in the pulse rate, heart or cardiovascular diseases, brain strokes, and many more diseases it can cause. 

The only way to prevent all these problems is to lose that extra fat from the body. And here is the point where it becomes important to know how to lose fat and not muscles because what generally everyone did is that they lose fat with muscles also. 

Why is it important to know how to lose fat, not muscles?

man in gym

So far, we have discussed how we gain fat and how we have to lose it. But there is a myth that works here and guides us in the wrong direction. 

According to this myth, losing fat means a skinny body or a thin body. And for that, we lose fat with the muscles.

But that is not the right thing to do for understanding that we must know the difference between losing fat and losing muscles.

What we acquire during the consumption of fast food or oily food is the calories that turn into unhealthy fat in our body and results in an increase in weight.

 The body starts depositing that extra fat on the abdomen area, arms, legs, and hips and makes us look fat.

But we need to lose that extra fat very cautiously because, in our body, some fat is required as it works as a shock-absorbent for the body. 

And also, we need to keep in mind that we have to lose fat, not muscles. 

This means we have to lose the extra fat, not the muscles on which that fat is a deposit. In the process of losing fat, we lose our muscles too, which results in less strength.

In the body, the main responsibility of muscles is to provide strength to the body. It is the muscles that make us able to lift heavy weights, do the work properly.

So when you lose muscles, you lose your strength too, and that is not good for the body.

Well, I know here all you are getting confused about how to lose fat and not muscles because these two are very related things that can’t be separated. 

To lose fat, we have to lose muscles too. But if you make your plan wisely, then you should be able to lose fat and not the muscles. 

In the plan to lose fat and not muscles, you have to work on the burning of extra fat and calories that you have gained and retaining your muscles. And even if you work well, you lose fat with gaining muscles also.

So let’s dive in for the plan to lose fat and not muscles.

Diet to lose fat and not muscles.

diet to lose fat

When we have decided that we have to lose fat and not muscles, then the foremost step that we have to take is to work on our diet. 

Our unhealthy diet is the main reason for gaining extra calories and fat on the body. 

In the modern lifestyle, when we don’t have time to eat correctly, what we do is rely mainly on fast foods and packed foods, which are available handy and fill our belly instantly, and become the apple of everyone’s eye.

And we all make mistakes by choosing these things. Although these things fill our belly quickly and are also handy to eat, there is the main reason for the extra fat and calories in the body.

And also, the consumption of all these items keeps us away from the healthy food that is beneficial for us.

 Not only this but that they favor everyone because of their taste at a low price. 

Who else doesn’t want to eat yummy and delicious food and even at a low price? But we need to understand at what price we are choosing these things. 

If they cost us our health, then they are costly, really costly.

So the first thing that we have to do is to cut all these packed, fast food from the diet. 

The packed and fast food to avoid to lose fat and not muscles,

  • Granola bars. Yes, I knew after reading Granola bars on the list, you might be very upset. But believe me, this is the main reason for your obesity.
  •  Although they give you energy instantly, they are also packed with the high added sugar and calories that contribute the most in making you fat.
  • So the foremost thing that you have to cut from your diet is the Granola bars.
  • Packed food. After the granola bars, the next turn is of the packed foods such as wafers, energy bars, etc. these also contain the highest amount of added sugar and fats that make you obese, and patients of diseases like cardiovascular diseases, etc.
  • Avoid fast food. Fast food such as pizza, burger, fries is some other reason for obesity. 
  • While they all are tough to resist, if you want to lose fat and not muscles, then you have to avoid all these food items.

There are some more food items apart from these packed and fast food that you need to cut from your diet, these are,

  • Cut the amount of sugar. If you love sweets and desserts, then there is bad news for you all. 
  • These are responsible for making you fat. The foods containing a high amount of added sugar makes the body and also a patient of diabetes.
  • So if you want to lose fat and not muscles, then you have to avoid all the deserts and foods containing added sugar.
  • Aerated drinks. Yes, they too are responsible for your extra fat. These drinks contain added sugar, which deposits an extra layer of fat on the body. 
  • Not only this but with the preservatives that it contains, it also makes us soft prey to many diseases.
  • Alcoholic drinks also contribute to gaining extra fat, so you need to avoid alcoholic beverages from your lifestyle.

After avoiding all these unhealthy foods from the diet, you need to substitute them with the healthy foods that can help us lose fat and not muscles.

The foods to choose to lose fat and not muscles,

  • Fibrous food. As you have restricted the foods that are responsible for the extra weight in our body, now it’s time to replace them with the healthier foods that not only help you in losing weight but also offer you many health benefits.
  • One such food is fibrous food, including fibrous fruits, vegetables like berries, bananas, spinach, broccoli, etc. 
  • These fruits and vegetables offer a feeling of fullness after consumption and prevent further eating and ultimately lead to loss of fat and not muscles.
  • Get some healthy foods here. 
  • Drink more water. When we think that our diet only includes foods, we are wrong. 
  • Water is the essential component of our diet and also the most neglected one, on which we generally don’t pay attention, but we should.
  • Drinking sufficient water not only makes us hydrated but also fills our belly, offering a feeling of fullness and prevents gaining extra fat.

So, to lose fat and not muscles, we need to cut high carbohydrates and food with added sugar from our diet as well as to choose more healthy food for us.

Get some healthy recipes here.

Exercises to lose fat and not muscles

exercises to not lose muscle

With the proper diet, we won’t gain extra calories and fat, but it is equally important to complement our diet with the appropriate physical training. 

This is the most underrated thing in today’s time. The modernization and technological advancement that we have made so far is also responsible for making us fat.

Now our work has become so easy and flawless that we don’t have to do anything. We have so many automated machines that have reduced our very much workload. 

In other words, they have made very lazy and inactive, and that has ultimately resulted in making us obese and houses of diseases.

But we need to change the situation. To lose fat and not muscles, we need to do proper physical activities with following a perfect diet plan. Following are the physical activities that you should do:

  • Start Cardio. Cardio or cardiovascular exercise is high-intensity exercises that help to lose fat and not muscles. 
  • They are not only helpful in losing weight but also in making our heart more healthy.
  • This type of physical exercise works on the health of the heart and makes the heartbeat rate higher. These exercises burn extra calories faster and help in losing fat. 
  • Cycling, running, boxing, swimming are some of the high-intensity exercise or cardiovascular exercises that help to lose fat and not muscles.
  • Strength training. Strength training is the type of physical training that you need to do to lose fat and not muscles. 
  • They are the most popular types of training practiced by people to lose weight.
  • Weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, and resistance band training are some of the famous strength training that you should do to lose fat and not muscles.
  •  These types of exercises mainly work on the muscles and make them stronger than before.
  • For making them more effective, try to increase their intensity within short intervals.
  • Apart from these main physical exercises, there are good physical activities you can adopt in your lifestyle to lose fat and not muscles.
  • You can use stairs instead of elevators, and you can also start walking for short distances instead of using a car and also try to minimize the role of automated machines in your life and try to do as much work as you can instead of relying on devices for the work.
  • There are plenty of small things that you can adopt in your lifestyle, which don’t take much and are very effective in losing weight and not muscles.

These are some of the physical exercises that you can start to lose fat and not muscles.

Get the detailed physical training guide to losing fat and not muscles here.

Bonus tips.

Who doesn’t love to get something extra? Getting something extra apart from what you needed and desire always pleads the people. 

And if you are one of such persons who love to get something free and extra, then this section is only for you and definitely would plead you. 

The bonus tips to lose fat and not muscles,

  • Schedule your recovery time. While you have started following your training chart, then it is important to schedule your recovery time also. Workout all the time is not good either.
  • You have to give some time to your muscles to rest them and make them more active in order to prepare them for further training. You only would be able to exercise further when your body is capable of doing so.
  • So rest plays an important role in making your body capable of further training and helps you to lose fat and not muscles.
  • Allow some cheat days. Yes, you read it right, do some cheating in your diet plans. 
  • All of us are very much adapted to the words that cheating is bad, but here it is not as much bad, but it helps you.
  • When you make a rigid diet plan and start following, then it happens a couple of times that you want to break some rules that would threaten your diet plan in the long run.
  •  So in order to prevent yourself from a situation when you lose control of yourself and eat what you shouldn’t, it is better to avoid such days.
  • So while planning your diet, make room for some cheat days when you would not follow any restrictions and can eat what you want without worrying about your diet. 
  • This would satisfy you and prevents you from breaking your diet plans.
  • But keep in mind that these cheat days have to occur less often. One cheat day once in a fortnight would be sufficient, and if you have good control, then you can also make a cheat day once in a month.
  • You can also take supplements. Yes, there are hell good supplements out there, which helps in reducing hunger, blood sugar levels, and helps you to lose fat and not muscles.
  • But while choosing a supplement for you, always ponder over the brand of the supplement and always choose the best for you because the cheap and low-quality supplements are harmful to your health.
  • Take proper sleep. Yes, I know in this busy world we don’t have much time to take rest and sleep. And that becomes one more reason that contributes to the extra weight. 
  • According to researchers, insufficient sleep not only causes hypertension, stress, and sometimes depression but also results in increased hunger.
  • So taking enough sleep that is 8 hours a night, is a must to lose fat and not muscles. Taking sleep properly not only helps us to lose weight but also makes us fresh, able to perform more activities, reduce the stress level, and increases our life span.

So these all are some of the bonus tips that you can adopt to lose fat and not muscles. These tips would not help you to lose weight but are also helpful in making you more healthy and increase your life expectancy.


So in this article, we have discussed how you can lose fat and not muscles. While losing extra fat is very beneficial and prevents you from many harmful diseases, losing muscles can cause a reduction in strength.

So you just have to keep in mind the difference between losing fat and losing muscles. While losing fat, don’t lose muscles and your strength.

Although it might be less important to you and you would have an attitude ‘who cares,’ but let me tell you that if you are thinking the same, then you are wrong. 

Losing muscles is a more severe problem than you can think. One of my cousins was almost hospitalized because she wanted to lose fat but ended up losing her muscles and almost lost her complete strength.

So if you don’t want to end like her, then ponder over more on your diet and workout and lose fat and not muscles.

‘You have got one life,’ so make full out it and live to the fullest. Don’t get offended by some difficulties, and never lose your spirit.

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