An Exclusive Guide on the Best Fitness Tracker Apps in 2020.

With an increase in the craze for fitness and the technological advancements that the world is witnessing, the need for a fitness tracker app is one solution of all your requirements for maintaining a fit, and a healthy lifestyle has accommodated in a single device that is your smartphone. 

Now there are so many ways through which your smartphone has become an inseparable part of your fitness packed routine.

And if you want to know about that more, then you have landed in the right place. This article offers you an exclusive guide on the best fitness tracker apps that would help you.

  • What are the fitness tracker apps?
  • Why fitness tracker apps are important.
  • Best fitness tracker apps.
  • Cons of the fitness tracker apps.
  • Conclusion.

What are the fitness tracker apps?

best fitness tracker apps

With the advancement in technology, one thing that is evolving miraculously is the smartphone device. It is the device that, within only a decade, has evolved so much that its journey is hard to believe. It was first used as a mere instrument to communicate with each other with the help of the wires, but then it evolved and came with the wireless networks.

And with the invention of the internet, there is no looking back for the phones. Now they not only offer better communication opportunities like the call and video calls that have to shorten the world boundaries, but now have a prominent position in the field of office work, entertainment, shopping, online banking, and so many things that we can count in the list.

With making its prominent place in our professional and personal life, now smartphones are also beginning to rule in the world of fitness by the applications and the software that is provided to its users.

A fitness tracker application is such a sort of software that tracks our overall activities and analyzes them, and then gives a report on them. This software is designed to keep you fit and healthy.

It would track your activities like how much distance you have traveled, how many steps you have taken, how many calories you have burnt, etc. With these basic features, some apps also track the heart rate or heartbeat rate, blood pressure level, body sugar level.

These apps would track all these things and keep records of them and then present you with a report stating the condition of your health and body. This won’t help you directly but indirectly. While having your health reports live and consistent, you can plan your strategy.

For example, if you want to lose some weight, then you have to do specific physical training and have to follow a diet that would help you to lose weight. With these fitness tracker apps, you can track your progress, how far you have come to achieve your goal, and how much more you have to go.

With these fitness tracker apps, you can track your calories burnt, heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure level, and can plan your further journey.

So, in short, fitness tracker apps help you to track your food intake, water intake, workout patterns and plans, your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar level, which would keep you updated on your health and fitness.

Why fitness tracker apps are important.

As fitness tracker apps help keep us updated with the live reports on our health, this is the only feature that it offers, or there are many more things that it can provide us, which are also helpful for us.

Let’s explore more than what are the other features that fitness tracker apps have to offer us,

  • It monitors our diet. Our diet is that thing which is of immense importance but then also the most neglected thing. According to studies, 70% of diseases start from the bad digestion or improper food that we consume. Also, it is one of the reasons for obesity. ‘
  • But when we are on the path of attaining certain fitness goals, then diet becomes a complementary elementary with the training. For example, if you want to build or gain muscles, then you have to take more protein-rich food, and if you’re going to lose weight, then you have to cut high caloric and carbohydrate food.
  • So you have to plan your diet accordingly with your fitness goals. And these apps can help you with that. They can monitor your diet, check the number of calories that you have consumed, and what more you have to consume according to your diet plan. For that, it would remind you from time to time to take water, healthy snacks, and meals.
  • Monitor your progress. When you have set the goals that you want to achieve in a certain time period, then it automatically starts monitoring your progress. It will act in an integrated manner and collect the data of your diet and the workouts that you have completed.
  • And then, it would analyze all those things and give a report highlighting your progress. It would highlight the diet that you have consumed and the workouts that you have completed, and then using the data of these two would prepare a report that presents a clear picture of the progress that you have made. And in case you have not made any progress or worked well on your fitness and health, then it also indicates that and advice you on how you can improve.
  • Provides you free health and fitness tips. In general, not everyone has the perfect knowledge of the body, health, fitness or can answer questions like what fitness is or how we can become healthy and fit. Also, there are some more complex questions like what to include in the diet, and what to remove, or what type of physical training you need, are very difficult to solve by the common people.
  • So for these questions, we need to consult the experts and the professionals who are qualified in these matters and have a perfect knowledge of these issues. They would give you the best advice according to your physical condition and the goals that you want to achieve.
  • But for this advice, it becomes really tiring to visit these peoples every time. But imagine what if you get these pieces of advice at your home, without going anywhere, and also without paying any charges.
  • Yes, it is precisely what these fitness tracker apps exactly do. They will ask you about your physical conditions and your goals and then, based on that, would prepare a plan for you. Also, on-demand, they can also provide you with personalized expert advice from the professionals who are always ready to serve you.
  • Track your activities like footsteps taken, and distance traveled, etc. These become very important while analyzing your health conditions and preparing your reports. According to experts, it is important to walk 1500 steps daily or walk at least one km daily.
  • So these fitness tracker apps would count these activities and inform you about whether you have completed these tasks or not.
  • They become your personal coaches. What is more impressive than having a personal coach always with you, who not only gives you reliable advice on diet plans, physical training that would help you.
  • Serve you like all in one health tool. Isn’t it great to have a tool with solutions for all your problems like diet plans, physical training, health, or fitness issues? You can consult these fitness tracker apps about your conditions and your progress.
  • Offers you motivation. Yes, it is the most important thing that all of us can feel in the path of fitness, that is, lack of motivation or getting demotivated easily. Coming out of your comfort zone, eliminating the foods that you love, doing straining physical activities is an arduous routine that needs a lot of courage and motivation.
  • And these fitness tracker apps give you time to time motivation by encouraging you, awarding you on your achievements, and motivating you for making progress.

Best fitness tracker apps.

fitness tracker apps

While there are hell good fitness tracker apps out there, you need to choose only the best fitness tracker apps that provide you with accurate results, reliable and personalize suggestions that depend from person to person based on their health conditions and set goals.

Following are some of the best fitness tracker apps that you can opt,

  • Map My Run App. It is the best fitness tracker app out there. It tracks and maps all your steps and distance that you have covered. Not only this, but it also tracks more than 600 types of activities including, cycling, walking, gym workouts, yoga, and much more physical training, that you can log.
  • You can use the Gear Tracker feature to track the mileage on your shoes, help you find the nearby routes to run, connect with more than 400 devices, import and analyze your data, and give you final reports.
  • It is free, so it doesn’t charge anything for the features and is completely compatible with the iPhone and Android, and has a 4.8 and 4.6 rating on these platforms, respectively.
  • Fitness Buddy. This fitness tracker app acts as a digital personal trainer and dietitian that guides you on with workouts. It doesn’t stop here and compliments your gym training with the personalized diet plans and even the recipes.
  • It is free to use and comes with in-app purchases, and is available on iPhone and Android platforms.
  • This app was designed basically for the runners and the athletes. Through this app, they can track their running, set goals. With this, it also provides you a statistical report on your data, which you can interpret very easily and then plan your further goals.
  • This app comes with six voices that would motivate you to keep going. You can also join the in-app challenges that help you boost by developing a spirit of competition.
  • It is compatible with both iPhone and Android, with ratings of 4.8 and 4.4 stars, respectively.
  • Apart from tracking your activities and physical training like running, cycling, gym workout, it pays more attention to your diet plans that play a complementary role in fitness.
  • Whatever you want to do, either want to lose weight or want to gain muscles, diet plays an important role.
  • Hence this fitness tracker app comes with a massive food database, barcode scanner, recipe importer, calorie counter, and food insights, which support your diet plans. It is totally free and is compatible with iPhone and Android platforms.
  • FitOn Workouts and Fitness Plans. Do you also admire celebrities for their fitness and toned body, but regret that you can’t be like them because you can’t afford those celebrity fitness trainers. Then it’s time to cheer up.
  • With this app, you can take the consultation and training from the celebrity trainer via video call training sessions. You can join any class at any time with your convenience and can work more on your fitness and health. It is free to use and is available on iPhone and Android platforms.
  • Nike Training Club. It is a family-friendly fitness tracker app with over 200 types of workout like strength training, cardio, and yoga.
  • This app also provides videos of the advanced workout so that you can step further in your path of fitness. It is free to use and is also compatible with iPhone and Android platforms.
  • Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer. One of the major obstacles in achieving your fitness goals is time. With this competitive world, everyone has to stay ahead of others, and in this competition, we don’t get time for ourselves.
  • But with this fitness tracker app, you can assimilate a quick workout in your busy day. It doesn’t matter that you can invest half an hour or even just five minutes, it has a perfect workout and diet plan for you.
  • It is completely free and is available on iPhone and Android platforms.

So these are the best fitness tracker apps that you can definitely choose for your fitness.

Cons of using fitness tracker apps.

Yes, you read it right. While discussing the fitness tracker apps, it is also important to ponder the drawbacks of using them and how they can be removed to hinder our fitness goals.

Disadvantages of using fitness tracker apps,

  • Strains your battery. One of the major drawbacks that would face while using fitness tracker apps, that they cause a heavy load on your smartphone’s battery life, and it gets quickly discharged. It is because these apps run in the background of your smartphone, and for better results, you have to always keep them on.
  • Not cost-effective. Some apps are free, but some come with paid premium services that you may need to choose for better experiences and guidance.
  • They exhaust your data. Not only do they drain your battery but also internet data if you are using your smartphone data. As they run in the background and always turn on, they use your data, and you remain with exhausted internet data.

But you can overcome all these drawbacks by using a smartphone with great battery life and also gets charged quickly, and while choosing the fitness tracker apps, investigate about the app thoroughly that whether it is completely free or at some stage demands you money, and also you can use wifi for your phone that can save internet data.


So, in this article, we have discussed the fitness tracker app and how they can be useful for us.

Also, we have to keep in mind that these apps only help us, but the journey of being fit and has to be completed by us only. So the first step is to be taken by you, you have to do the hard work, and these fitness tracker apps only guide you.

So keep in high with your motivation and win the world with your hard work.

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