An Amazing Guide on Diet to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle.

Healthy minds live in a healthy body.’ 

As the quote says, for a healthy mind, a healthy body is a must. And a healthy body is a fit that is primarily neither too weak nor too fat. But in general, we are far away from reality. We don’t understand the difference between losing weight and losing muscles. 

This article is based on that only. This article would provide an exclusive guide on a diet to lose fat and gain muscle. 

Generally, we think that by becoming slim, we become healthy. But that is not true. Becoming skinny and becoming healthy are two different things. 

Let’s see how. 

Why it is necessary to know about the diet to lose fat and gain muscle. 

In general, we don’t understand the difference between losing weight and losing muscles. What we generally do is to lose weight, but with that, we lose our muscles also thus would look very skinny or slim and think that now we have become healthy. 

But in a real sense, we have lost our muscles with the extra weight. And that is not good. Muscles are the main component of the human body that controls the activities of the body and gives strength to them. 

So losing muscles would result in losing our strength also. 

But don’t get confused here. I know losing weight and gaining muscles are two controversial things. 

For losing weight, we have to burn the extra calories, and to gain muscles, we have to store excess calories that would replenish our muscles and build them. 

Lets elaborate this so that you won’t get confused. When we lose weight, what we do is to shed the extra calories that we have stored in our bodies. 

And when we workout and do training, our muscles get a breakdown, and to rebuild them, we need extra calories so that they would replenish the energy molecules of the muscle.

And this will ultimately turn into a gain in muscles, so if we shed those extra calories than how we would be able to rebuild our muscles and make them more powerful or bigger. This is rationally impossible. 

But if we think wise and make our plan scientifically, then we can do both things at the same time. 

And that is where the diet to lose weight and gain muscle became important. 

In this article, we would see how that can be possible step by step so that even a newbie can understand this whole complicated and sophisticated process.

The diet on how to lose fat. 

First, let’s see how we can lose fat. 

diet on how to lose fat

Losing weight is shedding the extra fats or calories that are stored in our bodies. It is a two-way process.

 First, we have to cut all those things from our diet, which is the leading source of calories and fats. The diet to lose weight looks like following, 

  • First of all, avoid all the processed foods that till now you are eating. Packed foods like wafers, granola bars, chips, soda, aerated drinks, etc. are the main source of extra calories that deposits a layer of fat on your body. 
  • Limit the amount of sugar. Sugar is one other major thing that contributes to giving more calories. Food items like cakes, pastries, candies would make you fat as they have added sugar, which is responsible for extra calories in the body. 
  • Eat more fibrous food. If you are eating food with more carbohydrates and fats then stop this right now. The foods like potatoes, rice, bread, and starchy vegetables offer you more carbohydrates, which converts in extra calories. So replace these foods with fibrous fruits and vegetables. 
  • For that, start consuming more fibrous fruits and vegetables like berries, bananas, spinach, broccoli, cauliflowers. 
  • Also, you can begin taking fresh salads as your meal so that you would lose fat and also feel full. 
  • Drink more water. Our body is primarily a composite of water. Up to 70% of our body is water. 
  • And it is vital to keep us hydrated and keep our body working. And drinking more water will reduce our hunger and make us eat less, which would result in a reduction in weight.

The second process to lose weight is the physical training. They’re a hell good exercise that you can do to lose weight like cardio exercises, etc. 

The diet on how to gain muscle. 

The next thing that is necessary is to gain muscle. In this process, we first break down the energy molecules of the muscles, and then, in turn, we have to replenish those molecules with proteins.

diet on how to gain muscle

 The important nutrient that we need to gain muscle is protein. Protein is the nutrient that is used for building muscles and the overall growth of the body. 

The diet to gain muscle includes high protein food that is, 

  1. Eggs. The reason for the popularity of eggs among the athletes and gymers is that it is an excellent source of protein. Not only protein, but it also has many nutrients like vitamin B and amino acids. But it is more familiar with the feature of providing high – quality protein. 
  2. Chicken breast. Chicken breast is well known as a source of protein that gives you strength for heavy training for muscle gain. It has many other nutrients to offer, like vitamins such as vitamin B and niacin. 
  3. Soybeans. These are the ideal source of proteins for vegetarians. Being a vegetarian, what one major limitation I face that I couldn’t take eggs or meat for proteins. But this food solved my problem and provided me with the sufficient proteins which I need for gaining muscles. There are also many other nutrients that it provides like healthy saturated fats, plenty of vitamins and minerals, iron and phosphorus, etc.
  4. Beans. They are the most fibrous vegetables that you can include in your diet. It comes in many versions like kidney beans, black beans, etc. they offer proteins, fiber, vitamin B, magnesium, and phosphorus. 
  5. Dairy products. Dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt are the best sources of proteins. Also, they have digestive enzymes that make the digestive tract strong and improve the digestion process. They also have calcium, which makes your bones strong and increases bone density. 

Unlike to lose weight where you have to do exercise as a secondary process, here, physical training becomes the primary process. 

First, you have to tear your muscle tissues; after that, only you have to take a diet that will rebuild your tissues. 

Diet to lose fat and gain muscle. 

So far, we have discussed these two things, but now it’s time to talk about them collectively.

 Although it looks quite contrasting to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time, the following is the diet to lose fat and gain muscle, 

  1. Avoid carbohydrates. The main thing to follow is to restrict the intake of carbohydrates. It is solely responsible for giving you extra calories and weight. So avoid foods like cereals, starchy vegetables, and packed or processed foods. 
  2. Avoid fats. The other equally important thing to avoid is fat-foods such as butter, cream, meat, and main sources of fats that make you fat. 
  3. Increase the intake of proteins. The main nutrient that you need to gain muscle is protein. 
  4. Try to replace carbohydrates and fats with proteins. Cutting fats and carbohydrates from your diet and taking more proteins makes you lose fat at the same time would help you in gaining muscles. For more protein, include seafood like shellfishes, fish poultry products in your diet. 
  5. Greek yogurt. It is the ideal food in the situation when you want to lose fat and gain muscles. It has almost double the protein than the simple yogurt and also helps in reducing weight. It is advisable to consume greek yogurt after the meal or before going to bed so that it will replenish the energy molecules of the muscles, and also it will improve the digestion process. 
  6. Take calories very carefully. Lowering the quantity of fats and carbohydrates and increasing the amount of proteins is not sufficient. You have to keep an eye on your calorie intake. As we have seen earlier that for losing fat, we have to make a calorie deficit, a situation where we have no calories in our body to support physical activities, and the body needs to use the stored calories to support physical activities. But to gain muscle, we must have a calorie surplus, where we have extra calories to build muscles. So you have to maintain your calories cautiously—a situation where you don’t have to extra calories to store and sufficient calories to do training. 
  7. Take healthy fats. Here healthy fats mean the unsaturated fats that are important for the absorption of nutrients. Our body needs healthy fats for many purposes, such as absorbing nutrients, to act as a greasing material for joints of the bones, etc.

Above is the diet to lose weight and gain muscle.

Give your muscles proper rest. 

Taking a proper diet and doing body straining training is not sufficient. To gain muscles is a three-step process. 

While the first two steps are heavy lifting exercises and a diet according to your workouts, the next important step is to give your muscle the rest that they need. 

When you do high-intensity training, your muscles tear up, and to rebuild them, you take proteins, but the muscles also need time to rebuild themselves.

 So you must have to take sufficient rest to gain muscles.

It would not only help in gaining muscles but also keeps away the stress and depression from you. It would also make your brain work efficiently. 

Taking proper sleep would make you feel fresh and energetic. 


So now it is clear that losing fat is not similar to losing muscles also, if you don’t work scientifically and just follow a random diet, then you would be able to do one thing only whether you can lose fats or you can gain muscle only. 

That would not be beneficial for you. You not only have to lose fats but also have to gain muscle also. 

And the above guide is the diet to lose fats and gain muscle, so if you follow this diet to lose fats and gain muscle, then you would definitely be successful. 

At last, I only want to say, stay healthy, stay fit. 


  1. What is the best physical training to lose weight?

The best physical training to lose weight is cardiovascular training, which is more commonly known as cardio or aerobic exercises.

 These are the high-intensity exercises that will help you to burn fats rapidly. Although they don’t work on gaining muscles, it will help you to lose weight and also reduces the risk of heart disorders as it works with the heart. It is more likely that in this exercise, your heart rate would increase, and that is a good thing and will make your heart more active.

This training includes walking, running, cycling, swimming, and pilates, etc.

  1. What are the exercises to gain muscles? 

The best exercise to gain muscles is strength training that will work on your muscles. This exercise would strain your muscles, tear the muscles of the muscles, and break the muscles’ energy molecules. 

And this became possible only through heavy training. This includes weight lifting, resistance bands training, cycling, squats, pushups, etc. 

  1. What are cheat days, and are they harmful. 

While on a strict diet, it happens that sometimes you can’t resist yourself. And it is completely fine.

 You can occasionally consume the things that regularly you are not consuming during your diet.

 These are called the cheat days when you don’t follow your diet. It is the day when you eat what you want to eat without worrying about gaining weight. 

But don’t make it a habit. Cheat days are allowed only once a while. If you are starting to take cheat days more often, then your diet is of no use, and the progress that you have till now will be in vain. 

So take a break but wisely. 

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