A Complete Guide on Best Fitness App for Free in 2020.

In this world, when everyone is a fitness freak and wants to set and achieve his/her own fitness goals, then it becomes important to track your fitness activities and plan your strategy accordingly. And a Fitness App can help you with that. If you want to know which app you should choose for your fitness goal, then you are in the right place, this article will offer you a complete guide on the best fitness app for free that you can choose in 2020. 

The article would focus on, 

  • Importance of fitness app. 
  • Why the best fitness app. 
  • The best fitness app. 
  • A battle between the two leading fitness apps. 
  • Final verdict. 

Importance of fitness app.  

fitness app

Nowadays, everyone is concerned about fitness. Whether men or women, everyone wants to look fit.

 The main place for fitness freaks is the gym. Or we can also term the gym as the second home for the fitness conscious persons. 

Fitness nowadays is not a way to maintain your health but also to flaunt status. In modern times it has emerged as a style statement, as one who goes to the gym, work on his body becomes the style icon.

 You can also compare this situation with you. If you see a person going to the gym, working out, and everyone is praising his body, then won’t you want to own those compliments for you. 

Well, you also know the answer, that yes, you also want to be praised by the people. 

That is why it is not wrong to say that today’s fitness is the new trend, which is attracting most of the people.

But fitness is not a cup of tea that everyone can enjoy, it comes with many ingredients like workouts, diet, physical training, etc. 

And also, for everyone, fitness doesn’t mean the same, for some, it means only physical well beings, for some, it means weight loss, and for some, it means building muscles, and hence the definition of fitness changes with the aspirants. 

And these different definitions require another type of physical training and diet that would be that goal-centric you want to achieve.

 So everyone has a different set of goals that they need to succeed.

But what does an online application help you achieve the fitness goal, with workouts and diet? 

Before answering that question, I want to ask a question in turn, with what device you spend most of the time. 

Your answer would be smartphones. 

And it is also the answer to the first question. That with technological advancements and new technologies, smartphones have acquired an inevitable part of our life.

 Now we can’t imagine our life without smartphones. 

They have reduced our so much work pressure that they have become an inseparable part of our life. It handles our professional and personal life as well. 

And with such sorts of features, it can be used to track fitness goals also. 

A fitness app is a very comprehensive and sophisticated application that includes tracking the workout routines, diet plans according to the goals that we have set for ourselves. 

They are very easy to use also. You only have to set your goals and target what you want to achieve and set a time period for that.

 The rest is the work of the fitness app. 

It would guide you on the workouts and the right type of physical training for you. 

It would plan your diet plans. Not only this, but it would also track your training records and the growth that you have achieved.

 So it is a one-stop destination where you would get all your fitness-related guides and tips that would help to follow your fitness goals. 

And in the year 2020, when the whole world is facing a global pandemic, then it becomes more important to work on your health and keep yourself safe from any such kind of diseases and problems.

 And here, the importance of the fitness app gets even more highlighted. With the fitness app, you can plan your workouts and diet at your home without going anywhere. 

So you can now understand the importance of fitness apps in your journey of attaining fitness goals. 

Why the best fitness app. 

Why best fitness app

After reading the advantages of the fitness app, you might search for some fitness apps. But when you search the fitness apps on any search engine, you get hell good results that are sufficient to confuse you.

 Some will attract you by giving the best features, and some will by giving you the appropriate diet plans, and some will promise you accuracy in the results. 

But not a single app can offer you all the features, like a complete guide on the physical training and workouts, a perfect diet plan that would complement your training, accuracy in results, and track your activities. 

The best fitness app would give you a perfect workout plan with the details, like what exercises and for what duration of time you have to do them. 

Like if you want to lose fat, then it would guide you on the high-intensity workout like cycling, running, squats, and the duration for which you have to do them like for one 10 minutes in the beginning and then increasing the time. 

Also, it would direct you on the ideal time for the interval that you have to maintain between your exercises. 

By offering you a workout guide, it would also manage your diet and provide you with the proper diet plan, including the nutritional value of the foods and in what quantity and at what time you have to consume them, that would help you in complimenting your training. 

And also, all the fitness apps are not free, you have to pay for using them. And if you don’t have a high budget, then you can’t use those apps. 

So owning the best fitness app is just like finding a diamond in the coal mine. And that is not very easy. 

But with this guide, you don’t have to wander out there for the best fitness app. 

The best fitness app for free. 

So as we have seen, the importance of the fitness app and how difficult it is to find the best fitness app that would help you at the same is also free of cost.

 But this article would offer you a complete guide on the best fitness app out there. 

Although there are so many fitness apps out there, the apple of the eye fitness app is the – 

Map My Fitness App. 

This application offers you hell good features that you can’t resist yourself to own. The features that it provides are, 

  • It is compatible with platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. 
  • So you don’t have to worry about the platform that you are using while opting for this app. Whatever platform you are using, it is compatible with all the platforms. 
  • It can sync with the latest and new wearables that gives you an edge over while setting your fitness goals. 
  • Some of the fantastic wearables like Google Fit, Garmin Watches, etc. that you wear on your wrist like a wristwatch would collect the data of your activities, and when you sync that data with this app, it gives an integrated report of your training. 
  • You can build your workout routine with access to almost 800 workouts that you would need for different fitness goals, like losing weight, gaining muscles, high-intensity workouts, cardiovascular exercises, and many more sorts of physical training. 
  • It is compatible with the external heart rate monitors and would track your activity details like what distance you have covered, how much calories you have burnt, the pace of your activity, the steps you have taken, etc. 
  • You can set the fitness goals that you want to achieve.
  •  It would analyze your activities and the goals that you have set and then offer you an activity report that would guide on your situation and what further you have to do to achieve your target. 
  • When you achieve your goals, then it would also award you for your achievements and would motivate you to set more high fitness goals and to attain them. 
  • It also maintains an exercise diary for you in which it keeps records of the past physical training and exercises that you have done. 
  • It not only gives you guidance on physical training but also offers you tips on diet plans. 
  • It would track your weight as well as the calorie intake so that you can work more on the calorie consumption, also it comes with the food barcode scanning and food diary which keeps a record of the foods that you have taken and also you have to take. 
  • It only has fitness-centric features but supports an integrated system that works on your overall development fitness journey. 
  • It is well integrated with the social media networking sites so that you can share your completed workout routines to inspire others, also you can join and challenge others and would compete with them while completing a workout or training. 
  • It will help in developing an emotion of competition that would further motivate you to go ahead and break the records. 
  • Not only this, but you can also interact with each other through this app that offers you a sense of connectivity. 
  • It has many other features like music playbacks. 
  • Most persons have a habit of listening to music workout while doing physical training, as according to them they can enjoy the training and music further motivates them. 
  • So with this app, you can make your own workout playlist that you can play during physical training and also control the songs with this app.
  • It can also be synced with the clouds and can keep your data safe and secure from the threats of online damage. 
  • As your data of physical training and reports of your training is very important, so you need to save them for future use, and syncing it with the clouds would help you save your data. 
  • It also has integrated Maps that would also guide you on the routes. 
  • It also offers your reports in the infographic forms like pie charts, bar graphs, and charts that would make a clear understanding of the data and analysis of your activities. 
  • It is free of cost. This is the reason why it is the best fitness app among all other fitness apps.
  •  At the same time, other apps won’t offer all these features but also charges a high price from you for using those features. But this app would give you all the features without charging you a single penny. 
  • It also supported nine languages that make it reachable to most of the people. 
  • With these features and the accuracy that it provides, it is used by 60% of the fitness app users, and it also rated 4.4 stars by google play. 

So these are the features that the Map My Fitness App offers to the users. 

A battle between two leading fitness apps. 

While there are so many fitness apps available out there, it becomes important to have knowledge of other apps also in order to make a wise decision. 

Here, we compare the two leading fitness apps that are well popular out there. 

The first fitness app is our Map My Fitness App, and the second one is Map My Run fitness app. 

While the details of the features of Map My fitness have been provided in the above section, here we only talk about the Map My Run fitness App. 

  • Like the Map My Fitness app, it is also compatible with Android, and iOS, Windows, comes free. 
  • But it doesn’t have the exercise diary, so you can’t keep a record of the past workouts that you have done. 
  • It doesn’t have external heart rate monitors, and hence you are not able to monitor your heart health. 
  • It doesn’t track the steps that you have taken. While the Map My Fitness app provides you this feature, the Map My Run app lacks this feature. 
  • It doesn’t provide you activity reports, does not have a barcode scanner for food items, also doesn’t have a music playback feature, and you can’t save your data in the clouds with this app. 

So you can see the difference between the two applications and clearly identify the winner, which is Map My Fitness, a fitness app. 

Final verdict. 

So we have clearly seen the importance of the fitness app and have gathered many details about the best fitness app. A good fitness app accompanies us on the path of attaining our fitness goals. 

And in the year 2020, owning a fitness app becomes more important when being fit is not only seen as a style statement but also makes us healthy and prevents us from many diseases. 

With the widespread of this global pandemic, COVID – 19, where doctors are advising to stay at home only, with the help of a fitness app, we can continue our daily fitness lifestyle at home also. 

That is why most of the fitness freaks like me use Map My Fitness App for a continuous fit lifestyle.

 I love this application as it provides me so many features that are not only focused on fitness but also offers many miscellaneous features and without charging me single money. 

That is why I recommend this fitness app to all those who want only the best for their fitness.  But yes, always keep in mind that apart from having a workout and diet plan, one most thing that we need is motivation. 

So keeping in mind, ‘Growth is the Success,’ don’t stop ourselves from the obstacles but face them and conquer them.

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