10 Best Healthy Vegetarian Dinner Ideas in 2020

There are two main types of diet in the world that are followed mostly. These are Non – Vegetarian and Vegetarian. Both of them have different characteristics and are very different from each other. This article is all about healthy vegetarian dinner ideas.

Almost 375 million in the whole world are vegetarians. 

In India, almost 31% of the population is vegetarian. 

And in Europe, almost 10% of the population follows vegetarianism. 

According to studies, a vegetarian diet reduces the risk of death by 30% and death from heart diseases by almost 40%. 

With all these features, this diet is becoming popular all over the world. So it becomes important to know about the vegetarian diet in great detail. 

So let’s dive in. 

Why healthy vegetarian dinner ideas are important.

healthy vegetarian dinner ideas

Today everyone wants to live a healthy life so that he can increase his life expectancy and also lives a happy life, as the success of a healthy life is a healthy body.

 For that, people would go to the gym, sweat out there, and follow a very restricted diet that would be beneficial for them. 

For a healthy body, it is crucial to ensure that the body gets all the nutrients in a sufficient amount. 

The main nutrients that our body needs vitally are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water.

 With these, there are many other nutrients that are required by the body, but in low amounts, these are iron, zinc, calcium, etc. 

A diet that we are following must give us all these nutrients according to our needs. 

A vegetarian diet is a diet that restricts the consumption of animal products like meat, poultry products, seafood, etc. these products are included in a non – vegetarian diet.

 But a vegetarian diet only includes food items that are not obtained from animals. 

Dinner is the most important meal that we have to take care of. 

As this line says, ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.’ So you have to plan your dinner with care and have to make it as much as the light you can. 

Your dinner is to be light, digestive, and healthy. And in a vegetarian diet, the dinner actually becomes very beneficial. 

A vegetarian diet provides you with more fiber, vitamin C and E, magnesium, and many other nutrients. The main benefits of following this diet are as below,

  • It helps in weight loss. As the researches say, with a vegetarian diet, you would burn 16% more fats than a non – vegetarian diet.
  •  This diet would provide you more proteins, carbohydrates, and micronutrients and less fats that make you fat or obese.
  • Some studies indicate that you would intend to lose almost 2kgs in 2 months with a vegetarian diet. 
  • One main reason for extra fat is the type 2 diabetes. And this diet is very efficient in reducing the sugar level in blood almost at double the rate. 
  • So with a vegetarian diet, not only do you take less fats, but also burn existing fats very rapidly. 
  • There are many sorts of cancers like breast, colon, rectum, and stomach cancer that are prevented from a vegetarian diet. 
  • The macro and micronutrients like zinc, magnesium, potassium that this diet offers would protect you from cancers. 
  • It stabilizes the blood sugar level. Maintaining the blood sugar level is very important. 
  • An increase in the level of blood sugar is very harmful as it triggers diabetes, deposits extra fat on the body, and also causes many diseases like eye diseases, etc.
  • A vegetarian diet would keep the level of sugar in the blood low and protects you from all these diseases. 
  • It promotes heart health. A vegetarian diet lowers the levels of triglycerides, cholesterol, bad LDL (low-density lipoproteins) in the body. The increase in levels of these things would increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 
  • This diet also lowers the blood pressure level, which is also the main reason for cardiovascular issues. So this diet will help in the prevention of heart issues. 

That is why it becomes important to know about healthy vegetarian dinner ideas. 

Why a vegetarian diet has an edge over a non – vegetarian diet. 

Although a non – vegetarian diet is more popular than a vegetarian diet. But now as the drawbacks of a non – vegetarian diet are coming, people are shifting to a vegetarian diet. 

A non – vegetarian diet includes the products that are obtained from animals, like meat, poultry products, seafood like fishes, shellfishes, etc.

 The non – vegetarian diet is an excellent source of protein, and that is why it is more popular than a vegetarian diet among the athletes and gymmers. 

The other nutrients that non – vegetarian provides are omega 3 and fatty acids. 

But recent studies are highlighting some of the drawbacks that the followers of non – vegetarian diets are facing. These are as follows, 

  • Although they are an excellent source of protein, omega 3, and fatty acids, these are low in other macro and micronutrients like carbohydrates, water, vitamins, and minerals, which are also equally essential for the body.
  • The non – vegetarian diet has more saturated fats that are a primary reason for heart diseases like a blockage in the blood vessels, chest pain, heart attacks, etc. also, saturated fat is responsible for the high blood pressure that also triggers the cardiovascular diseases. 
  • A non – vegetarian diet increases your BMI. BMI is the body mass index that is the ratio of your height and weight.
  • It tells the degree of obesity, also it differs from age group to age group and from gender to gender. 
  • As non – vegetarian provides you more fats, hence your weight would increase, and you will become obese, which would be indicative of your high BMI. 
  • It may reduce your life as it triggers heart diseases so that it can be a reason for death from heart diseases and, thus, a short life span.
  • The other drawback of having a non – vegetarian is that the non – vegetarian food products are less digestive. 
  • Plant products that are high in fiber and minerals are easy to digest and also boost your digestive system. 
  • But animal products like meat, poultry products, and seafood are hard foods to digest and also slow down your digestion process. 

Because of the reasons as mentioned above, now people are switching to a vegetarian diet. 

So you must know the healthy vegetarian dinner ideas that will prevent you from the harmful effects of a non – vegetarian diet. 

10 best healthy vegetarian dinner ideas. 

healthy vegetaien dinner

You may consider a vegetarian diet as a boring diet because it only offers you plant products like fruits and vegetables. 

But it was a myth indeed  that you don’t feel your meal boring and tasteless with following healthy vegetarian dinner ideas. 

  • Idea No. 1. Pasta Salad. One of the healthiest foods in the healthy vegetarian dinner ideas is a salad. You can take any vegetables and even fruits which you like to eat. And with pasta, it will balance your meal and fulfill your hunger. Vegetables like cucumber, broccoli are ideal as a salad. You can also add some pepper, salt, and lemon juice to your salad, which gives you a delicious taste and will motivate you to eat more. 
  • Idea No. 2. Soup. Soup is the best among the healthy vegetarian dinner ideas. You can make soup of anything which you like. The easy and famous soup is tomato soup, which everyone loves. But you can also take corn soup or spinach soup that is equally healthy and tasty and will offer you a variety of taste. 
  • Idea No. 3. Fried rice. One of my favorite dishes that I love to eat. When you are following a vegetarian diet, the best dinner that you can prepare is fried rice. While rice would give you carbohydrates and energy, the vegetables that you add would provide you vitamins and minerals. You can add any vegetables that plead you, like cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, and there are a hell fair amount of vegetables that you choose. 
  • Idea No. 4. Salad. Yes, you can also take salad as a solemn meal. It is the lightest meal that you can find under a vegetarian diet. You can take broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, carrots, reddish, cauliflower, celery, green onions, tomato, and boil potatoes in your healthy salad. If you are bored with the regular salads, then you make many ideas which one likes and do your own combination. And to add taste to your salad, you can also add chili powder, salt, predominantly black, and lemon juice. 
  • Idea No. 5. Pizza. Yes, you read it right. If you think what pizza has to do in the list of best healthy vegetarian dinner ideas, then hold your horses. You can make a healthy pizza at home very quickly. All you have to do is to make your pizza base with whole-grain flour or multi-grain flour and use healthy and fresh vegetables as toppings. All these ingredients are very healthy and will make your meal enjoyable if you are bored with your regular meals.
  • Idea No. 6. Vegetarian curry. Vegetarian curry is one of the best dinner ideas. You can take any vegetable to make curry like broccoli, cabbage, carrot, garlic, spinach, etc. You can make them as you want, and with this, you can also take rice which compliments curry. 
  • Idea No. 7. Sweet potato fries. Sweet potato is a healthy alternative to meat that gives you sufficient fats and carbohydrates. And its fries are so delicious to eat that you can’t resist them. And yes, keep in mind that baked sweet potato fries are healthier than the fried ones. 
  • Idea No. 8. Sandwich. The sandwich is the most leisurely meal that you can make very quickly. It only requires bread slices and vegetables like tomato, carrot, boiled potato, etc. that are ideal for sandwiches. In addition to making your sandwiches more healthy by taking brown bread instead of white bread. And also, you can add some chili powder, lemon juice, and salt to it. 
  • Idea No. 9. Toasts. Toasts are also a healthy vegetarian dinner idea if you make a wise selection. Means choose whole grain or multigrain bread or brown bread, and if you want to use them, then you can also use butter. But choose butter that is low in fats. 
  • Idea No. 10. Legumes. Legumes are the healthiest food in a vegetarian diet. Legumes are very high in proteins and would be a great source of it when you are not taking a non – vegetarian diet. You can make any legume and would complement it with rice, which also fulfills your hunger. 

The above meals are some of the healthy vegetarian dinner ideas that you can opt for a vegetarian diet. 

Limitations of the vegetarian diet. 

There are many healthy vegetarian dinner ideas with which you go with your vegetarian diet and make your body more healthy.

 But I also want to highlight that a vegetarian diet also has some limitations that you need to know before following a vegetarian diet. 

  • The most apparent disadvantage of following a vegetarian diet is that you won’t have many protein sources.
  •  The non – vegetarian diet offers you a very high amount of protein and other nutrients like omega 3 and fatty acids, zinc, selenium, iron, vitamins like B 12, etc.  
  • So avoiding all these food items can make a deficiency of these nutrients in the body. 
  • In order to replenish these nutrients, you need to take more quantity of fruits and vegetables that would complete the deficiency of these nutrients. 
  • The next disadvantage is that as with a vegetarian diet, you don’t have some important nutrients than their deficiency in the body can cause weakness, fatigue, anemia, bone density loss, or serious issues like thyroid, etc. 


As we have discussed, the vegetarian diet and also find it very healthy. Everyone who wants a healthy life can follow a vegetarian diet. 

In modern times it has broken all the myths that are associated with like a vegetarian diet is boring, or it won’t have many nutrients to offer have weakened. 

And now, we know that this is not true. If we adopt healthy vegetarian dinner ideas that are discussed in this article, then we have a deficiency of any of the nutrients as well the meal also becomes very yummy and exciting. 

Also, we would not have to face the drawbacks of the non – vegetarian diet. 

So go with vegetarianism and make your life more healthy and happy. 


  1. What are the main reasons because of which people are shifting to a vegetarian diet? 

Apart from prevention from the side effects of the non – vegetarian diet, there many more reasons because of which people are shifting to a vegetarian diet. 

One leading reason is the animal rights for which the voices of the people are increasing day by day. Now you could see so many organizations and popular personalities that are promoting a vegetarian diet to stop brutality against the animals. 

The other reasons that we can count are ethical and environmental issues and to lose weight. 

  1. What are the types of diets available throughout the world? 

Vegetarian and non – vegetarian are the two most popular diets that you are familiar with. But there are more than these types of diet. They are, 

  • Lacto – Ovo – vegetarian diet, which restricts the meat, poultry products, and fishes, but includes eggs and dairy products like cheese, milk, yogurt, etc. 
  • Lacto – vegetarian diet, which restricts meat, poultry products, fishes, and eggs also. 
  • Ovo – vegetarian diet, which cuts meat, fishes, poultry products, and dairy products but allows eggs. 
  • Pescetarian diet, which eliminates the meat and poultry products but allows fishes and sometimes even eggs and dairy products. 
  • Vegan diet, it restricts meat, fishes, poultry products, eggs, dairy products, and even other food items that are obtained from animals like honey. With time this diet is also becoming very popular. 
  • Flexitarian diet, as you can guess from the name, this diet is appropriately vegetarian, but you are allowed to consume meat, poultry products, eggs sometimes. 
  1. Being vegetarian is good while doing a gym. 

In recent times almost every other person goes to the gym to make their body healthy. But the gym demands very intensive workouts that need more protein and nutrients. But that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with your vegetarian diet. There are hell good supplements out there that will meet the demand of high proteins and nutrients. 

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