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2020 is a year of the global pandemic when not everyone has job security or stable financial conditions. In recent years, it has become very necessary to maintain a balance between the income and the diet you are taking. This article is about the same. This article focuses on the ten best cheap healthy dinner ideas that you can adopt in 2020. 

cheap healthy dinner ideas

You should know about how you can reduce more expenses on your diet if you are low in budget but, at the same time, want to take as many nutrients as you can. 

In our daily life, we generally follow a three-time meal plan, breakfast in the morning, lunch in the afternoon, and dinner in the night. This rule is very important to follow if we want to live a healthy life. 

Every meal has its own rules, and features like it are advised to take heavy breakfast in the morning so that you would feel full throughout the day as heavy breakfast is necessary to support our full-day activities, lunch should be less bulky, and dinner should be the light as we don’t have to do many activities in the night. The food doesn’t get digested properly. 

It is said that “do breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.” 

While many of us know the best breakfast ideas, there is very little knowledge about dinner.

 So dinner becomes the most important part of the meal that has to be perfect. 

So let’s discuss this essential part of the meal in detail.

What are cheap healthy dinner ideas? 

When we hear the word dinner, we generally think about the decadent dinner that we do typically. 

The night is that time of the day when every member of the family has time to eat appropriately. As in the morning, kids have to go to school, and adults to the offices. 

So at night, they have the time to eat peacefully, and that is why sometimes the lady of the house prepares a grand meal at night. 

But that grand meal can sometimes be costly as well. And if you are from a low-income family, you also don’t have much budget to serve your family a grand meal. 

And that is the thing why one should have the knowledge of cheap and healthy dinner ideas so that financial insufficiency wouldn’t become a barrier to the happiness and health of your family. 

So if you want to live a healthy life and have a low budget, then you must have a knowledge of cheap healthy dinner ideas.

What are Cheap dinner ideas?

When we are low in budget, then the best cheap meal option that we consider for our dinner is packed foods or processed foods that we generally choose for us. 

These are the food items that are very convenient and easy to cook sort of food. 

The main examples of processed foods are granola bars, flavored nuts, chips, wafers, frozen foods, instant foods, etc. 

They are called processed foods because to increase their life; they are processed in factories. 

And that is why they contain unhealthy saturated fats or trans fats, added sugar, added sodium and preservatives, calories. 

But the main disadvantage of consuming these items is that they are very harmful to health. These processed foods are packed with calories, unhealthy saturated fats, added sugar, and preservatives.

 And their continuous consumption is a cause of obesity, heart problems like heart blockage, high pulse rate, strokes, pimples, acne, and many other issues that we can count on the list. 

So the foremost thing that they do is to make you unhealthy. 

Not only are they unhealthy for you, but they also are less affordable. At first, they seem to be very cost-effective, but when we compare them with other meal options and think smartly, then we find them very expensive. 

They are proved expensive in both ways, directly and indirectly, directly because of their cost and indirectly because of the value of treating the diseases that they cause to us. 

So they are not an ideal meal option for us. 

Then what is the best alternative for these food items? 

What are Healthy dinner ideas? 

All of us want to live a healthy life. I would ask the question if we are able to live our lives healthily. Then your answer would be no. 

Every one of us knows this fact because of this modern and busy lifestyle; we are not able to live a healthy life. For living a healthy life, we must take a healthy diet and have to do physical activities to maintain our life. 

Now, what does a healthy diet mean? 

A healthy diet is a diet that includes all the important nutrients that are essential to sustain our life.

 These nutrients are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and water. All these nutrients are collectively necessary for us. 

They give us the required energy that we need to perform our whole day activities. But in modern times, it comes very difficult to acquire these nutrients. 

Nor do we have the better meal ideas that would offer us these nutrients, and neither do we have time to think about that. 

So it becomes important to think about these dinner ideas so that we can maintain our health. 

But the main limitation that we have to face while consuming these healthy meals is that they are expensive. 

And that is why most of us would distance ourselves from these things. 

Ten best cheap healthy dinner ideas. 

So far, we have discussed that cheap dinner ideas are not suitable for health, and health ideas are not affordable. But this is a myth indeed.

If we make wise decisions and plan our meal, then we can make our dinner ideas more healthy and even cost-effective. 

There are a hell a good number of cheap healthy dinner ideas that all of us can adopt in our lifestyle. These are, 

  1. Vegetables, rice with soya sauce. This is the best cheap healthy dinner idea that we can think of. Vegetables have many nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. that are essential for us. And rice is a perfect grain to fill our belly completely. They are heavy, and even a bowl of rice is enough to feed us. All these ingredients, when combined with the soy sauce, become an excellent dinner idea that is cheap, healthy, and even tasty.
  2. Tomato soup with grilled cheese. Tomato soup is the perfect dinner that you can think of. You don’t need very many ingredients to prepare tomato soup. This can be very easy to make and can give us a feeling of fullness. And with grilled cheese, it becomes a perfect meal option as it provides many nutrients and is easy to prepare and also easy to digest 
  3. Banana and oatmeal. Oatmeal is the best meal idea alone, and with bananas, it becomes more beneficial for us. Oat is a food item packed with a lot of nutrients like calories, saturated fats, sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, and cobalamin. Whereas bananas have fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and many antioxidants and phytonutrients essential for us. And together they are perfect for us. As they are cheap, everyone can consume them. 
  4. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It is an excellent source of healthy unsaturated fat that is essential for our body as many nutrients are absorbed by the healthy fats. So healthy fat is a good source of healthy butter and gives us many other nutrients. And the sandwiches are very easy to prepare and are beneficial also. And together, they are a perfect dinner idea for you, as it is cheap and at the same time healthy.
  5. Toast and scrambled eggs. Eggs are the perfect source of proteins and many nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B6, calcium and zinc, folate, phosphorus, selenium. So it is ideal as a dinner idea, and with toast, they become complementary for each other and fulfill our tummy. 
  6. Grilled chicken and potato fries. You may think that grilled chicken would be very expensive, but sometimes taking chicken would not be very much costly and would give many nutrients like fats, proteins, etc. And with potato fries, you take less amount of chicken as they are heavy alone. So together, they are excellent cheap healthy dinner ideas. 
  7. Pancakes served with apple slices. Pancakes are a perfect example of a light meal that is able to meet our hunger. They also contain many nutrients, and with apples, they become even more healthy and affordable that anyone could take in their diet. You can also take bananas instead of apple slices if you want to, which is also the right partner for pancakes. 
  8. Fried rice. They are a trendy food that everyone loves to eat. I also love it. Fried rice is my favorite dish that I love to eat at any time. Rice is an excellent example of cereal that is able to fulfill our hunger and also gives us nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc. Also, the vegetables that are used to prepare fried rice are very good for health and are cheap too. And this is a dish that you prepare very easily. 
  9. Macaroni and cheese. Macaroni is a good example of instant food that is easy to prepare simultaneously, is packed with many nutrients, and is cheap also. And adding cheese to it would add more taste to it, and it becomes more delicious. 
  10. Lemon flavored pasta. Pasta is a very popular food that everyone likes. It is also easy to prepare, cheap and healthy for us. If you are bored with the regular pasta, then you can try it with different ingredients that are healthy also and add interest in it. One such flavor is lemon. Lemon is a good citric fruit that is known for its tangy taste, and when you add this tangy taste in your pasta, then it becomes more healthy and yummy to eat. 

So these are cheap healthy dinners that you can add to your diet. 


In this era, we need to maintain our health and keep ourselves fit. And for that, we just have to take a good diet. But the main hindrance that we can face is the expense that we have to spend on our meal. 

But above meal ideas would not only make you healthy but are cheap also that even a low-income person would include in his lifestyle. 

So if you want to make yourself fit, you must have to take a healthy diet, which is also cost-effective. And the above ideas are ideal for you to adopt. 

So I hope that this article will help you. 

Lastly, I  want to say that stay healthy to stay fit. 


  1. What are some other ways in which we can reduce our expanse on our meal? 

Although there are many cheap and healthy dinner ideas that you can include in your diet, there are many ways in which we can reduce our expanse. 

One way is to plan your meal. This is the common error that most of us make. We don’t plan our meals and buy random products that will become very expensive. 

So if you plan your meals, then you know what you have to buy and what to leave, and this will cut your expenditure on food. 

  1. To whom cheap and healthy dinner ideas are important?

Cheap and healthy dinner ideas are not only for the low or middle-income groups that can’t afford expensive food. But it is also important for students and office going persons that live alone and don’t have money to spend on food and also don’t have time to prepare complex meals. 

For them, these cheap and healthy dinner ideas are very important.  

  1. Can salad be a good dinner option?

Yes salad could be a very good dinner option if you want to lose fat. But sometimes it becomes boring and tasteless, so to make them more interesting and tasty you can change the vegetables and also can add some spices or the tangy flavour of lemon to them.

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